Common Problems Squirrels Cause

Rodents are the animals whose front teeth never stop growing which implies these pests continually need to bite and gnaw to look after them. As you can imagine, this consistent biting can be truly hard on your home. 

As cute and charming as squirrels are to look at, they can also be disturbing when they attack homes and damage landscaping, eat vegetation, their shenanigans immediately become less engaging or charming. Squirrels will bite through the wood of your home, making holes giving way to many other pests. These pests can also damage your walls, roofs, and the outside of your home. Mending these damages can turn out to be very expensive. Not only do they bite through the wood, but they cut many other things with their teeth too including protection and wires and when squirrels bite on electrical wires, it makes it risky to live in

While squirrels are not hazardous all by themselves, they can carry numerous diseases, for example, rabies. 

Problems squirrels cause to living beings 

Squirrels are known to transmit various infections, however just a couple are hazardous to people but none of these diseases are known to cause death. Some of the typical diseases that they carry include tularemia, typhus, plague, and ringworm. Such diseases are transmitted through chomps or different types of direct contact with an infected squirrel. 

While squirrels are commonly belived to carry rabies, researches show that these little rodents rarely carry rabies and transmit it to people. 


Although there is little risk of people catching diseases from squirrels, their feces can represent a risk of salmonella infection if it wasn't disposed of properly. While cleaning up squirrel feces, make sure that you have adopted all the preventive measures like wearing goggles and a decent pair of gloves to avoid contact. 


 If you have allergies, having rodents living inside your attic can be an issue. Everything from a squirrel's hair to its spit and urine can prompt a runny nose, itching in eyes, sniffling, scratchy throat, asthmatic signs, and skin inflammation. 


Squirrels can carry a few parasites on their hide including ticks , lice, insects, and mites. Every one of these pests accompanies a list of health concerns


In case you get bitten by a squirrel,  wash the wound thoroughly with water, clean it with cleanser and water, and contact a specialist right away. It is also prompted that you contact your nearby health department. 

Problems Squirrels Cause to Properties

It is mostly the grey squirrel that damages the property. Squirrels usually love to live in an attic. They can destroy your properties, destroying landscaping and eating vegetation. One method to deter squirrels away from your property is by using mothballs in the attic. Reapply treatment frequently. Check for holes and openings under roof and where wires go into the house. Fitting holes with wire mesh when squirrels are out of the attic; else, you will trap them inside. Examine the stack if that it is open, spread it and secure with wire mesh. Remove branches from trees that allow squirrels access to the rooftop. 

Harm caused to the buds and bark of a tree can be increasingly hard to control. The tree must be separated. Spot a 2-foot-wide band of metal blazing 6 feet starting from the ground of the tree. Remove low-hanging branches almost 6 feet from the ground that squirrels can't bounce up into the branches. 

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